“A story of everyday heroes on an epic quest”

The making of a feature-length film in Eastern Oregon is possible through:

  • Community support
  • Collaborative storytelling process
  • Committed and skilled creative team 
  • Multifaceted talents of local artists and creators
  • Generous donations and sponsorships

The project of making the feature-length film Out of Character is an idea that started small and continues to grow and expand.

As more people gravitate to the project and have commit to sharing their skills, we realize the potential and responsibility to share with the world. The overriding principle in our planning and creation of this project is to showcase and utilize the talent and grandeur of the region. It is our aim to celebrate and support these unique and impressive local artists by providing an opportunity not typical to the area through the vehicle of film.

“You have to find something that you love enough to be able to take risks.”

– George Lucas


Out of Character is a feature-length film that documents a fictional fantasy, action-adventure story.  It’s a movie about everyday people who get the unique opportunity to take their casual escapism to a whole new level

About the Project

This is an endeavor that continues to attract talented and passionate people willing to share their skillset simply because they believe in the project. With the level of talent involved, Out of Character has grown to a feature length film with local Eastern Oregonians being the driving force


Out of Character is a fictional-documentary, comedy film helmed by two local Eastern Oregon artists, JJ Hill and Liberty O’Dell. These two writers and directors have brought on a collection of talented individuals

Get Involved

Help make movie magic happen in Eastern Oregon. We are always on the lookout for more local resources and individuals who want to get involved, find out how

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