The making of a feature-length film in Eastern Oregon is possible through:

  • Community support
  • Collaborative storytelling process
  • Committed and skilled creative team 
  • Multifaceted talents of local artists and creators
  • Generous donations and sponsorships

The project of making the feature-length film Out of Character is an idea that started small and continues to grow and expand.

As more people gravitate to the project and have commit to sharing their skills, we realize the potential and responsibility to share with the world. The overriding principle in our planning and creation of this project is to showcase and utilize the talent and grandeur of the region. It is our aim to celebrate and support these unique and impressive local artists by providing an opportunity not typical to the area through the vehicle of film.

You have to find something you love enough to take risks.

George Lucas


Out of Character is a feature-length film that documents a fictional fantasy, action-adventure story. It’s a movie about everyday people who get the unique opportunity to take their casual escapism to a whole new level. 

Six seemingly ordinary people who engage in an app game called RPGeo. While playing, they get to assume characters and face challenges in well-crafted fantasy storylines. The company and creators of the game are introducing a brand-new, real-life version of their hit game by hosting a live event that will be streamed worldwide. These six average people, our story’s heroes, have been selected at random to be participants in this once in a lifetime event. 

If they accept, these characters will assume their in-game identities and embark on a five-day journey bristling with mystery and betrayal. If they prevail as a team, they will win $100,000 and become the first live-action, game champions. The film Out of Character will document the entire experience.

The film Out of Character is a project that represents the power of collaborative imagination and intends to shine a light on the unique combination of Live Action Role Play (L.A.R.P.) and the Eastern Oregon community. L.A.R.P. is an interactive experience where the participants create and act out dramatic sequences in character. 

This project has the unique opportunity to showcase a wide variety of local artistic talent along with the natural beauty that this region has to offer. Blending multiple film techniques and styles, Out of Character documents an event that could be, in a world that may be, for an audience that will be.